"A unique wine, without added sulphites, created with the original process experimented by the Buganza family. A completely manual technique, using nature as an ally.

The cold of winter to stabilize the wine, the carbon dioxide from natural fermentation to preserve it in winter , waiting for the first hot days for bottling.

With these and many other small procedures you get a natural wine of rare pleasure, with very clear fruity scents "


Organic red wine wine without sulfites added


Tasting notes

The wine’s color is ruby red; its bouquet is delicate and persistent with hints of red fruit. On the palate, it is pleasantly dry, medium-bodied, with pleasant notes of fresh plums.


Food match

With pulses, pasta and rise dishes, wstarters, chees and meat.


My favorite combination

For me is good for for every meal but specialy I like drink it in the aperitive with friends on the nature with the music.

The harvest

We pick our grapes only by hands, and we put them in the boxes


Technical information

Soil: chalky marl of Tortonian origin

Vineyard's age: 4 years

Winemaking: fermentation on indigenous yeasts for six days with manual punching down and delastage. It was then poured into steel drums, where malolactic fermentation and conservation during the winter with natural carbon dioxide will take place.
Stabilization is done by opening the cellar windows and using the winter cold. In spring, when the temperature exceeds 20 ° it is bottled and after a minimum aging period of six months put on sale.
Fermentation: indigenous yeasts

Refining: 5 months in stainless steel casks and three months in the bottle

Total Production: between 1.500 and 2000 bottles/year.     


Alcohol content: 13,5% by Vol.                       Residual sugar: 0 g/l                       Total acidity: 5.7 g/l                        pH: 3.5


Serving temperature: 12 °C / 54 °F


Curiosity: the name “Sansussì” means “without problems”. When we have tried to make a wine without solphites we was the first in the Roero area and we feel worried about this sperimentation but after 4 years we drank it and the taste was perfect.

We anderstood that there wasn’t difficulties for we to make a wine without sulfites added, so: no problems to make Sansussì, no problems to drink it!