"Contrarily to the common opinion, the Pinot Nero –as many others- is not a vine recently introduced n Piedmont but has deep roots in the history of this extraordinary wine-producing region. We actually found evidence of its growing since the beginning of 1800."


Piemonte DOC Pinot Nero


Tasting notes

We process the Pinot Nero in a simple manner to obtain a wine suitable for all courses of a meal, letting it free to express all vine characters, its colour and its typical scents; but also the warmness which our particular clay soil and local micro-climate give to it. This is our way to make such a fine and elegant wine, with immediate liking but far from banal


Food match

With red meat, meat with sauce, braised or fried beef and aged cheese.


My favorite combination: I like drink ‘I Brigand with a dish of pepper flan with bagna cauda (typical gastronomic specialty of Piedmontese cuisine)

The harvest

We pick our grapes only by hands, and we put them in the boxes.


Technical information

Winemaking: fermentation on indigenous yeasts for six days with manual punching down and delastage. It was then poured into steel drums, where malolactic fermentation and conservation during the winter with natural carbon dioxide will take place.
Stabilization is done by opening the cellar windows and using the winter cold. In spring, when the temperature exceeds 20 ° it is bottled and after a minimum aging period of six months put on sale.
Fermentation: indigenous yeasts

Refining: 5 months in stainless steel casks and three months in the bottle

Total Production: between 1.500 and 2000 bottles/year.     


Alcohol content: 13,5% - 14% by Vol.                       Residual sugar: 0 g/l                       Total acidity: 5.0-5.5 g/l                        pH: 3.5


Serving temperature: 18-20 °C / 64-68 °F


Curiosity: the name “I Brigand” is generally understood as a synonym banned, or a person whose activity is outlawed.